The Fitzpatricks- Barons Gowran

Richard FitzPatrick, 1st Baron Gowran (circa 1662-1727)

There is a dispute as who was the father of Richard FitzPatrick.  One reference states that he is the second son of John Fitzpatrick.  However, the Church of Latter Day Saints states that his father was Andrew Fitzpatrick.  Andrew Fitzpatrick was the son of Edmund Fitzpatrick and the grandson of Florence Fitzpatrick, 3rd  Baron of Upper Ossory.  He married Anne Robinson, younger daughter of Sir John Robinson in 1718 and had at least two sons.

Fitzpatrick Mausoleum on Paddington Street in London

Fitzpatrick Mausoleum on Paddington Street in London

  • John Fitzpatrick
  • Richard Fitzpatrick (the honorary Richard Fitzpatrick married Anne Usher and when she died in 1759 at the age of 30, he had the historic Fitzpatrick Mausoleum built which still stands on Paddington Street in London)

Richard entered the Royal Navy and had commands of the HMS Richmond, HMS Assurance and HMS St. Albans. On 18 July 1690 he captured a French frigate with 36 guns after a 4-hour fight in which he only suffered 4 casualties and the French suffered 40 casualties. In 1690-1691, he drove two French frigates onto the shore and helped to cut out 14 French merchantmen out of a convoy of 22 ships. In 1696, he was promoted to captain of the 70-gun HMS Burford and he successfully brought off 1300 cattle with horses, boats and small vessels on at attack of a French island near Brittany. He was promoted to an even larger command, taking over the 80 –gun HMS Ranelagh and took part in several encounters. Soon after this he retired.

In 1696, he received a grant from King William III for his service.  This grant consisted of towns and lands of Grantstown and addition to other lands in Queen’s County.  In the same year, he also inherited the lands and estate of his older brother Edward Fitzpatrick.   He also acquired the estate of his wife Anne Robinson which was in Farmingwood in Northhamptonshire in England (he is buried there).  In 1715, he was raised to Irish peerage as the first Baron Gowran of Gowran, Kilkenny.


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