The Fitzpatricks- Barons Castletown

John Fitzpatrick, 1st Baron Castletown of Upper Ossory (1807-1883)

John Wilson was born in Middlesex, England.  He was the illegitimate son of John Fitzpatrick, 2nd Earl of Upper Ossory and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson. It is known that he served in the English Army and then returned to Queen’s County (name of County Laois at that time) where he served as Sheriff in 1836.  He was elected to Parliament in 1837 and would serve in that capacity at least three different times.  In 1842, by Royal decree, his name was changed to John Fitzpatrick.

Lady Augusta Fitzpatrick

Lady Augusta Fitzpatrick

In 1869, Queen Victoria created a new peerage and he became the 1st Baron Castletown of Upper Ossory.  He died in 1883 and is buried at Grafton Underwood in Northamptonshire, England.  He married Augusta Mary Douglas in 1840 and had three children:

  • Bernard Edward Barnaby Fitzpatrick (1848 – 1937)
  • Edith Susan Esther Fitzpatrick (? – ?)
  • Olivia Amy Douglas Fitzpatrick (? – 1895) 

Bernard Edward Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 2nd Baron Castletown of Upper Ossory (1848-1937)

Sir Bernard Fitzpatrick was born in Brighton, Sussex, England (1) on 29 July 1848.  He was educated at Eton and Oxford where he received a degree in law and history.  He served in the 1st Life Guard from 1871 to 1874 and at one point was stationed in Egypt.  Following his military stint, he returned to Ireland and like his father became Sheriff of Queen’s County.  He successfully ran for Parliament as a member of the Conservative Party and served in that capacity from 1880 to 1883.  He later served as Chancellor of the Royal University from 1880 to 1883.

Painting of a young Bernard Fitzpatrick

Painting of a young Bernard Fitzpatrick

He married Hon. Emily Ursula Clare St. Leger, daughter of Hayes St. Leger, 4th Viscount Doneraile and Mary Ann Grace Louisa Lenox-Conyngham on 23 April 1874.  He and his wife lived on a large estate of 22,241 acres in Granstown Manor that burned down in 1977 (see photograph below).  She died on 14 March 1927 at the age of 73 and is buried at Doneraile Court, Doneraile, County Cork, Ireland.  There was no issue from this marriage and the title of Baron Castletown became extinct.  He died on 29 May 1937 at the age of 88 at Granstown Manor, Abbeyleix, County Laois, Ireland.

The Fitzpatrick Tartan

Clan Fitzpatrick tartan

Clan Fitzpatrick tartan

The clan Fitzpatrick also has its own tartan (see adjacent photograph).  While clan tartans are usually associated with Scottish families, several Irish families including the Fitzpatrick’s do have a registered tartan.  Nothing is known about the origin of this tartan other than that is was worn by Bernard Edward Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 2nd Baron Castletown of Upper Ossory during sessions of the House of Lords as early as 1880.  At least one website will make a custom kilt out of the family tartan.

Grantstown Manor - last home of Fitzpatrick Lords

Grantstown Manor – the last home of the Fitzpatrick Lords

This blog concludes the history of the Mac Giolla Phádraig/Fitzpatrick clan.  Future blogs will cover the brothers Fitzpatrick that immigrated to New York and gave rise to the Omaha Fitzpatricks.


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