Thomas J. Fitzpatrick (1849-1926)

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick, the second child of Mathew Fitzpatrick and Mary Lynch, was born on 19 July 1849 in Haverstraw, New York. In the 1850 Federal Census, he and his older brother, John can be are identified as members of the household and still living in Haverstraw in Rockland County. He is once again found in the 1860 Federal Census still living in Haverstraw with his parents and siblings.

At some point between 1860 and before 1878, Thomas moves to Chicago, Illinois and he is recorded as getting married to Johanna Powers on 28 May 1878 in the Cook County, Illinois Marriage Index. Very little is known about Johanna Powers except that she was born in Ireland. She can be first found on a New York Passenger list on 21 September 1874 at the age of 16 years on vessel that originally departed Liverpool, England with a stop in Queenstown, Ireland where she presumably embarked on the vessel.  She is traveling by herself at the young age and lists her occupation as “servant.”  It must take great courage for a 16-year-old poor girl to leave her home by herself and immigrate to a new country!

In the 1880 Federal Census, Thomas is found living on 577 State Street in Chicago with his new wife and a new son, Mathew who is one year old.  The household also includes his younger brother Matthew, his sister Ellen and his mother Mary.  Thomas lists his occupation as saloon keeper.

He is next found in the 1900 Federal Census living at 4208 5th Street in Ward 29 of Chicago.  The census states that he owns the house free and clear of mortgage.  Other members of the household include his wife, Johanna and their children, Matthew (21 years old), Morris (19 years old), Thomas (16 years old), Margaret (14 years old), Mary (13 years old) and Agnes (5 years old).  He lists his occupation as carpenter but that he has been out of work 8 months in the last year.

Martin and Mary (Fitzpatrick) Kennedy with Thomas J. Fitzpatrick (c1921)

Martin and Mary (Fitzpatrick) Kennedy with Thomas J. Fitzpatrick (c1921)

In the 1910 Federal Census he is still living at 4208 5th Street in Chicago.  The members of the household list almost all of their children including Matthew, Morris (spelled Maurice in this census), Margaret, Mary and Agnes.  The only one who has left the home is Thomas, the father of the Omaha Fitzpatricks.  He lists his occupation as being a “county clerk” in the county offices.

At this point little, he is difficult to find with certitude.  There are at least three surviving pictures of him with members of the family that are not dated.  The adjacent picture shows him with his daughter Mary and her husband Martin Kennedy.  There is another photograph from that same day with his granddaughter, Helen Marie that will be included in a later post.  This photograph is most likely from around 1921 based on his appearance and the appearance of the young married couple that does not depict any of their children.  The next photograph which is also undated shows what appears to be an older Thomas with two of his children, Matthew Fitzpatrick and his wife and Mary Kennedy with her daughter Mary who was born in 1923, so this photograph can be safely dated as being between 1923 and 1924.  The photograph appears to be taken from an unknown rural area or farm.

1924 circa- Thomas J Fitzpatrick, Mary Fitzpatrick Kennedy holding baby Mary, Mary Luella Fitzpatrick, Matthew Fitzpatrick- 1a

Last known picture of Thomas J Fitzpatrick with Mary (Fitzpatrick) Kennedy holding baby Mary, Mary Luella Fitzpatrick and Matthew Fitzpatrick – c 1924

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick died on 20 July 1926 and is buried at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery that is located on 2755 West 111th Street in Chicago, Illinois.  His wife, Johanna (Powers) Fitzpatrick probably died before 1921 but her death certificate and site of burial have never been identified but she is most likely buried at the same cemetery.  Their children which will be the topic of the next blog were:

  • Matthew T. Fitzpatrick (born 1979)
  • Morris Fitzpatrick (born 1880)
  • Thomas J. Fitzpatrick (born 1884)
  • Margaret J. Fitzpatrick (born 1885)
  • Mary A. Fitzpatrick (born 1887)
  • Agnes V. Fitzpatrick (born 1894)

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